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This site is made for sports enthusiasts worldwide. The information presented in the site and especially the "search by location" feature makes the site something that all of us will add to our "Favorites". For the first time in the world there is a website that allows users to perform a location-based search of future sports events. When a user wants to find events in any city worldwide, we provide them with the results for the city they searched and also information about events in nearby cities located up to 150 km from the city for which the search was made, even if the nearby city is located in a different country. For each and every event we provide directions how to get to the location and in most cases offer tickets or ask you to fill a lead form.

You can also search for sports events by selecting a competitor. Fans of Manchester United or Roger Federer can find out where it is possible to see their favorite team or player in the coming months.

Want to see which sports competitions we cover?
Football/Soccer - Champion's League, Europa Cup, Euro2012 Qualification, Top leagues in Europe (England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, France, Argentina and more).
Basketball – NBA, Euro league, Top leagues in Europe.
Tennis – Grand Slam Tournaments, Masters, ATP Tournaments and WTA Tour. Also Davis Cup and Federation Cup.
Motor sports: Formula 1 and MotoGP
Additionally – US Sports (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL) and Rugby (6 Nations, 3 Nations, World cup)

Attention – The time/date of an event is not always final. When it is in fact not the final time or date it will be mentioned next to the kick-off time or next to the date of the match. The main reason for a time/date not to be final is because of broadcasting rights.
The main problem is with domestic football leagues – some matches are played on Saturday and some on Sunday. In some of the countries such as Germany and the Netherlands some matches are even played on Friday.
Spain is especially problematic – we are informed only a week before which matches will be played on Saturday (usually one at 20:00 and one at 22:00) and which on Sunday (mostly in the afternoon).
To assist you in this matter, we add "time boundaries" of most matches in the events page. This is a powerful tool that enables you to book the hotel and flight much before the final time of the match is announced. In addition, you are most welcome to go into our site shortly before the match. The moment the final information about the time of the match is available, it will appear on our website.

About the tickets – We try to offer the largest possible variety of tickets at the cheapest possible prices.
Important – sometimes you will order tickets but we will inform you that the tickets have run out. Sometimes alternative tickets can be offered in a different part of the stadium, or tickets will be obtained from a different supplier. Sometime the price will be higher.
Almost always our price will be higher than that stamped on the ticket.
It should be taken into account that we obtain the tickets partly from the club or organizing body, but in many instances we obtain the tickets from various ticket agencies (dozens of them!) in five different continents.


Sports oriented trip
One of the possibilities that have opened up to the sport enthusiast worldwide is to set out to a foreign country on a trip of several days that will include several sports events not necessarily located in one city. All that needs to be done is to make several searches at our site and put together a trip of several days that will include, for example, a football match in the Champions league, a basketball match in the Euroleague and a Tennis tournament.

We will be happy to receive comments from you about the website, information about new sports events and ideas for additional sections in the website.